Bürgerliche Gebäude

10. Fruit Market Hall

The Fruit Market Hall built from 1852 to 1854 during the fortification period is a functional structure (magazine). It served as market, warehouse and festival hall, but later also as fire station for many years. Since 1993, the City Gallery has used it for its “Art in Baden after 1945” collection and displays that collection here.

Children discover Rastatt:

The Fruit Market Hall was built approximately 170 years ago. It was paradise for the Rastatt mouse families. Grain was stored in a part of the Fruit Market Hall. Ludwig the town mouse and his mouse friends were able to get enough supply for the entire long winter here.

The main floor was later uses as a firehouse. The Rastatt fire department was one of the first fire departments in Germany. When the Prussian troops bombarded Rastatt in July 1849, the fire department had a major role in making sure that the fires in the city were extinguished as quickly as possible. The Rastatt mouse fire department is also well known. Maello, the mouse fire chief and Manolo, the best mouse firefighter experienced many adventures in Rastatt.

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