Bürgerliche Gebäude

11. Police Headquarter

Across from the Bernhardus Church is the erstwhile hunting lodge and armory of the Baden residence. It stored the weapons and armaments of the margravian troops. Between 1766 and 1968 it was the location of the Maria-Viktoria Foundation, named after the last Baden-Baden margravine. The house was initially a training facility for orphaned girls, later a girls’ school. State police offices were established there in 1971.

Children discover Rastatt:

Margrave Ludwig Georg was also called ”Hunter Louis”. Hunting was his biggest joy. He often invited a bevy of friends. For the hunt, which usually took place in the park of the Favorite Palace (the palace is in the Rastatt Förch district), a large square was fenced in with huge cloths. These cloths had to be stored the entire year and required a lot of storage room. This was found here in the hunting cloth storage house, where other hunting paraphernalia were also stored.

The mice and the tower hawks did not like this type of hunting at all since the animals had very little chance of escape. When an animal did succeed to escape through the artificial fence, it had “slipped through the cloths“, which was another way of saying “slipped through their fingers”.

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