12. St. Bernhardus Church

The oldest church in Rastatt is the Rastatt Parrish Church with its high-Gothic choir that was originally mentioned in town documents in 1207. The church was severely damaged and dilapidated during the chaotic wars in the 17th century. In 1771, after redesign and renovation, it was dedicated to the Blessed margrave Bernhard von Baden and used as a cemetery chapel until the mid 19th century. The Bernhardus Church is still a place of worship today.

Children discover Rastatt:

The St. Bernhardus Church was built on a hill in Rastatt. This was necessary since the flood waters of the Murg River would always flood houses, fields and meadows after the spring thaw in the Black Forest. This church was the only house of worship in the city for a long time. When Rastatt became a residence city, the church became much too small to hold all of the worshippers. This is why margrave Ludwig Wilhelm laid the cornerstone for a larger Parrish church.

There was also a cemetery next to the Bernhardus Church. Every dead person had his or her own grave. Important or famous people had their importance of fame written on their gravestones. Go and look at these gravestones at the St. Bernhardus Church.

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