Civil buildings

13. Cultural Forum

The plain facades of the cultural forum are from the 18th and 19th centuries. The interior, with a large courtyard decorated with a fountain, is of modern design. Today, the city library, music school, child and youth center as well as the Cellar Theater are located here.

Children discover Rastatt:

Music and theater had great importance in the baroque period. The Rastatt Palace had a Court Orchestra with a Court conductor and a theater and special pieces were written for this theater. Many people could not read or write in this period. But it is important, since reading and writing is like a key. The world opens up for you if you can read and write. It was therefore very important for the margravine that the children of the margraviate learn to read and write.

One learns how to play an instrument in music school. Specialist teachers are available for every instrument, be it a violin or piano, flute or drum kit. In the Cellar Theater, actresses and actors stand on stage and play fairytales, but also classical and modern acts, for children and adults. If you like dressing up and would like to play another person sometimes, you can have a lot of fun in the theater.

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