Civil buildings

19. Post Office

When the margrave’s residence was moved from Rastatt, a stately brewery house was established in its place. In 1715, piarist fathers moved in. The building was transformed into the Wilhelm Barracks – named after Wilhelm von Baden (1792 – 1859) – at the beginning of the 19th century. The dilapidated barracks were empty after the First World War and were torn down in 1923. The newly erected main Post Office was dedicated in April 1928.

Children discover Rastatt:

A brewery was very important. People loved to celebrate and they celebrated often in the baroque period. Many festivals were held at the Rastatt margravian court with music, dance and sometimes huge fireworks. The appointed hunters, fishermen, beer brewers and court cooks took care of food and drink.

Court fishermen, duck catchers, pheasant and truffle hunters were the deliverers of roasts and delicacies from the surrounding countryside. Game butchers as well as cellar and kitchen masters prepared the food. Beer brewers and maltsters took care of the beverages. A table setter served the margravian family during the meal. Particular favorites were the sweets of the court confectioner and the coffee brewed in the court kitchen from exotic beans by a coffeehouse specialist.

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