Civil Buildings

2. Rossi House

Only two of the erstwhile squires’ buildings that were part of the Palace ensemble have been preserved. Built during the first quarter of the 18th century, the Rossi House was the home of aristocratic officials and later wealthy citizens such as the Ruschka family, who made their money during the construction of the Palace as owners of a brick factory. The official rooms were in the Beletage on the upper floor. The family of the Jewish fellow citizen and merchant Leopold Wolf lived there in the 20th century. An unjustified expropriation happened here during the Nazi tyranny. The county of Rastatt bought the property in 1962. It has been in the possession of the city of Rastatt since 2008.

Children discover Rastatt:

Squires and court ladies were sort of employees of the margrave and had to be around him all the time. While the squires helped the margrave as advisors, the court ladies kept the margravine company. They also participated in the education of the princes and princesses, who were mostly unfriendly to the servants and lived in panic-stricken fear of mice. This was great amusement for Siri, the palace mouse and her friend Ludwig, the town mouse. Squires and court ladies either lived in the palace or very close in the vicinity of the palace. In 1705, the architect Domenico Egidio Rossi started the extension work of the Rastatt Palace from the squires‘ houses.


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