Civil buildings

20. Water Tower

In 1901, the water tower with its baroque styles replaced the well house from the 18th century that was erected for the city’s water supply on the opposite bank of the Murg River. In the 1950s, the distinctive tower received a coffee house and restaurant on the main floor.

The water container is positioned at a height of 22 meters and has a capacity of 700 m³.

Children discover Rastatt:

The three highest old buildings in Rastatt were the Palace, the Town Church and the Well House, which originally supplied the Rastatt Palace with running water. The water tower took over the job of supplying the city with water from the well house in 1901. A new water supply facility became necessary when a lot of new companies and families moved to Rastatt after the fortress structures were torn down.

A lot of mouse families had to find new homes in the surrounding communities after the fortress structures were torn down. But the mouse families that lived around the water tower were able to stay.

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