Residence Palace and Palace garden

21. Pagodenburg

A garden complex surrounds the erstwhile tee house of the margravian family that was built in 1722 on the high terrace of the Murg River by Court architect Johann Michael Ludwig Rohrer. The Pagodenburg is the reproduction of a building in the park of the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich. It was integrated into the pleasure and kitchen garden of the court as a children’s “playhouse“.
Today, exhibitions of national and international artists, organized by the Rastatt Art Association, are seen there during the summer months.

Children discover Rastatt:

A pavilion was built in the middle of the pleasure and kitchen garden. It took seven years before the margravine could finally dedicate the Pagodenburg. She invited friends and guests to come there for garden festivals. They were given hot chocolate, a very rare and precious drink, to drink for the first time. The “footrace of the ladies in waiting” also took place there, which generations of mice still talk about today.

Ludwig the town mouse can tell you how much Siri and Bonnie, the Palace mice, like to have a picnic at the Pagodenburg complex. But Matteo and Lennox, the tower hawks have the best observation decks in the trees around the Pagodenburg. The view into the Black Forest, onto the well house and the “Dörfel”, the small village, has hardly changed since 1719.

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