Civil buildings

3. Town Museum

The so-called Vogel house, the Town Museum, was built around 1705 according to the design of Domenico Egidio Rossi. An erstwhile squire’s house, it has been hosting the Town Museum since 1973. Documents attest to the fact that the baroque city foundation has existed here from the late 18th century to the present.

Opening times:
Thursday to Saturday
12 noon to 5 PM
Sundays and Holidays
11 AM to 5 PM

Children discover Rastatt:

The town museum displays important mementos from the history of the city of Rastatt. One of these is a mammoth tusk that was found in a flooded gravel pit. The tooth is many thousands of years old. If you want to learn about life in Rastatt 300 years ago, you should visit the museum. Town history was the favorite topic of Ludwig, the town mouse. He and his friends went to all of the important events in Rastatt. The Town Museum explains how people in Rastatt lived in the early days and what tools and utensils they used in their daily lives. You can see special exhibition pieces from the period of the margraves and from the time that Rastatt was a garrison, a soldiers’ town. Unfortunately, the history of the town mice is not documented in the museum. But you can read about this in the mouse books. The mammoth tusk is unfortunately not currently displayed in the Town Museum.


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