9. Pfeiffer Fountain

In 1901, the Pfeiffer Fountain was built for the Rastatt Industrial Exhibition in the art nouveau stylistic idiom. The fountain was donated by Guido Pfeiffer, who achieved prosperity in Mannheim to his hometown Rastatt.

Children discover Rastatt:

The function of the Pfeiffer fountain was no longer the delivery of drinking water to the residents. Its sole function was to beautify the city. The fountain is decorated with water-spouting dragons.

Dragons were also purely mythical creatures for the children in the mouse school. None of them had ever seen a winged dragon. Good and bad dragons often played important parts in books, films, on television, in the movie house and dragons also often play an important role on the Internet. Children throughout the world know dragons that are usually strong and large and look dangerous. But there are also friendly dragons that help people.

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